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You can expect excellent service and high quality flowers when you order flowers in Campana, Argentina with our Internet flower shop. Our floral arrangements are memorable because of their beautiful elegance and that elegance is a wonderful reflection of you. By choosing Overseas Flower Delivery, you are choosing excellence and setting a high standard in giving gifts. All flowers and gifts will be delivered by our affiliated florists in Campana.

It may surprise you but in Argentina, the favourite national holiday plays the New Year. This fact finds its explanation in the past because after the October Revolution in the 1917 celebration of Christmas was forbidden, as it was a religious holiday. Today the Argentina people celebrate both holidays though New Year still holds the leading position.

If you are looking for a gift on any of these winter holidays you may chose the traditional Christmas garlands and table arrangements decorated with candles, balls, ribbons and another holiday decorations. Poinsettia, which is thought to be brought to Argentina from the West, becomes more and more popular as a piece of decorations. The tradition says that it's better to keep the customary colors such as red- white-green for Christmas and white-and-gold for New Year; however our opinion is that all these colors are appropriate for a winter arrangement. And, of course, a New Year tree still continues to be the Queen of all the home decorations! Celebration will never be complete without it.

In Argentina International Women's Day is as important as St. Valentine's Day. Since every woman should get flowers on March the 8th one should order his flowers a while before so there are no disappointments. There is a huge choice of arrangements for this occasion from traditional red roses to inexpensive bouquets of spring flowers available during this period of time: tulips, hyacinths, and solidago traditional for the International Women's Day. You can demonstrate your imagination and an original approach choosing flowers which will make her happy!

Roses are very popular in Campana, Argentina and recommend that rose orders are to be sent in odd numbers as even numbers are delivered for sympathy or funeral orders or considered as bad luck by locals.

The last Guarantee date for Christmas, Valentines Day, International Women's Day and Mothers Day is 2 days before.