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We also have large network of florist as well as international affiliates that provides you with efficient delivery service to Gembloux or to other country of your choice. You will find that most of our florists are closed on Mondays thus an alternative delivery date is required. Delivery of plants will not be accepted in hospital and make sure to include your recipient's MAIDEN NAME if you want to request deliveries of floral gifts to Belgium hospitals.

Gembloux flowers same day

Another service that we provide to you is our Gembloux flowers same day delivery. It enables you to send urgent flower delivery on the same day right on the same day of your order. We will entertain your request for same day delivery whenever we receive your order before the latest time which is at 13.00pm local time from Monday to Friday while on Saturday the latest time to receive your order is at 12.00pm. We have large selections of wonderful flower arrangements available at our Gembloux flowers same day delivery that you can choose for any occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, festive celebrations, weddings or even during funerals as well as during sad moments.

Send flowers to Gembloux

Our florists send flowers to Gembloux right to the front door step of your recipient to make sure that it arrived safely in good condition. It is also important to include your telephone number, your recipient’s number, and a ZIP-code in order for us not to encounter any problems during the delivery process. We also cater for delivery of flowers to the European parliament and military bases but requires a valid Belgium phone number. If you only use a foreign mobile telephone number, your delivery will only be delivered to the reception desk of the areas. Apart from that, do not be shocked to find that the price of roses and red flowers will be much expensive especially during Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and during Christmas holidays.

Gembloux florist

Our Gembloux florist will not be operating as usual on the 1st of January, as well as on the 24th and 25th of April. However, we entertain any request for delivery of floral gifts on these dates as long as you manage to submit your order before the last date and time of delivery. The last date and time for our Gembloux florist to entertain your order on the 1st of January is at 12:00pm on the 30th December while on the 24th and 25th of April, the last date and time of submission is on the 23rd April at 9:00am.

Our online portal provides the convenience of using our user friendly facilities whenever you feel like delivering floral gifts to your loved one. Apart from having 24 hours a day online services, you can also purchase several of extraordinary design of flower arrangements where you can also customize them according to your specific budget range.