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Our large network of flower shops available nationwide as well as international affiliates is always reliable when it comes to delivery of floral gifts not only within Grimbergen but also to other country worldwide. You will notice that most of our florists are closed on Mondays and every order must include an alternative delivery date.

Grimbergen flowers same day

In addition, we offer Grimbergen flowers same day delivery service that enables you to send any urgent flower delivery on the same day. Make sure that you submit your order to our office before the latest time at 13.00pm local time from Monday to Friday while for request of flower delivery on Saturday the latest time of order is at 12.00pm. Our Grimbergen flowers same day delivery offers large collections of stunning flower arrangements that can be customize according to any occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, festive celebrations, weddings, funerals or sad moments.

Send flowers to Grimbergen

You will be glad to know that our florists normally send flowers to Grimbergen by hand. This is to ensure that the floral gift always maintain its freshness and good condition upon arrival. Every order must also include your telephone number; your recipient’s number, along with a ZIP-code so that we could provide you with prompt and efficient delivery service. As for delivery to the European parliament and military bases, kindly provide a valid Belgium phone number because by using foreign mobile telephone number will result to your flowers being delivered only to the reception desk of the areas. We not only entertain delivery of flowers to all major town and cities in Belgium but also to cities in Luxembourg.

Grimbergen florist

Please take note that our Grimbergen florist will be closed on on the 1st of January, 24th and 25th of April but we can still assist you to deliver floral gifts on these dates subject to your submission being made before the last date and time of delivery that has been set at 12:00pm local time on the 30th of December for closure on the 1st of January. For closure on the 24th and 25th of April, the last date and time of submission is on the 23rd of April at 9:00am. Our Grimbergen florist will not entertain delivery request made by customers for items like balloons, soft toys, gourmet basket or fruit basket.

Whenever you feel like surprising your loved one with beautiful flowers via online to Grimbergen, our convenient online facilities which are available 24 hours a day will always be at your service. Our florist will always be ready to decorate extraordinary design of flower arrangements and entertain your request for customization to cater any of your budget range.